Comic-Con 2010 (Wrap Up)

If you’ve been following this blog over the weekend you know while I didn’t attend Comic-Con 2010 in person, I did my best to scour the Internet to keep everyone up to date on what went on this weekend, with my Quick Hit: Comic-Con Cool Stuff series.

It seems like the big winners this weekend were Green Lantern, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead. All these properties had a huge presence over the weekend and all of them made big news, whether it was casting, previews, footage, a logo reveal, giving out prestigious awards, a secret screening or even a first look at upcoming characters. Even though I wasn’t in attendance, the web made it very easy to keep up this weekend, so thanks to,, Michael Ausiello and Fanerdity Flicks for helping keep me up to date over all four days of awesome.

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Here is a look back at top 10 Cool Stuff that happened in San Diego :

San Diego Comic Con