Batman: Under the Red Hood Initial Reactions

I will post a full review on in the near future, but for now here are my initial reactions for DC Comics Direct to DVD Batman: Under the Red Hood

  • First Batman DVD movie to remind me of: Batman: The Animated Series
  • Jensen Ackles is perfectly cast as Red Hood
  • The Score is outstanding
  • Stays as true to the source material as it has to, there are obvious changes that were made and work great
  • Nightwing looks AWESOME!
  • There is a nice shout out to The Killing Joke
  • Bad Ass Batmobile and Batwing
  • John Di Maggio is a worthy replacement to Mark Hamill‘s Joker
  • Bruce Greenwood as Batman is not Kevin Conroy
  • Love, Love, LOVE Wade Williams as Black Mask
  • When Batman and Nightwing are on screen together I can only think one thing: The Dynamic Duo are BACK!

Batman Under the Red Hood DVD Cover Art