Young Justice – First Look

Producer Weisman has stated Young Justices covers a “young DC Universe” set in the present time of our world. The show focuses on the lives of Young Justice members as sidekicks attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes; and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues that revolve around school, relationships, sex, and so forth. The tone […]

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BSG Lives! Cylon War Comes to the Web

The SyFy channel is currently developing a new Battlestar Galactica online series that will revolve around William “Husker” Adama during the Cylon War! The series will be called Blood and Chrome, and it looks like this is going to be a pretty big production. There will be around 10 episodes that run 10 minutes long each. Here are […]

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DC Universe Online – Best. Trailer. Ever.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Online game, due out in November 2010. It is amazing, and DC should really consider making a feature length film in this animation style. [author_box avatar=”yes” author_link=”yes” ]