True Blood: Bad Blood

all flavor no bite true blood image for the HBO tv series True BloodTrue Blood is BACK! The season 3 premiere picks up right where season 2 ended, Bill Compton has been kidnapped, Egg is dead and Sookie is Sookie. The thing I like most about True Blood, I really feel like I’m watching a play, and not just a TV show. What I like least about True Blood… Tara, she has got to go!

Ok, so as bad as True Blood is at season finales, they are that good at the season premieres. They give us plenty of our favorite and not so favorite characters. Hopefully, Tara can get all those pills down and go away for a while, she is just way too annoying. I love where Jason’s story is going, it is going to be fun to watch him be out of sorts with no one to talk to about what is wrong, well except for Andy of course.

I hope Evan Rachel Wood will be around for a while (I’m going spoiler free all season), she is awesome as the Queen of Louisiana. She is such a wildcard, you don’t know from scene to scene just how crazy she can be. Speaking of crazy, Jessica’s been a bad, bad girl and is is big, big trouble, I can’t wait to watch her twist and turn.

Sookie and Bill’s story looks to be interesting this year, I am excited for the wolves and to see how Bill deal with them. Sookie is so desperate to get back to Bill, I hope they are held apart for a while so we can see Stephen Moyer on screen with some other actors/actresses.

Overall, I’m very hopeful for season 3 and if you haven’t watched the season premiere Bad Blood, you need to, True Blood is must watch television this summer.

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