pen and paper imageOk, so I don’t really share a lot about myself in this space. Today I’m compelled to write a personal entry, so bare with me:

I’m a writer, that’s what I’ve always been. I am even trained by the lovely folks at Miami University. I have always loved words, the ways the sound, the feelings they invoke, and there are very few things about words I don’t love. Words are the ultimate time machine. The right words read in a book or a poem or heard in a song and transport you to a place in your memory. Words can make something great, and at the same time the wrong words will ruin even the most beautiful moment or picture.

So where am I going with this? Like I said I’m a writer, sure I was a lapsed writer for several years, but I never lost the love. Lately I have had the opportunities to write, not just for myself, or work or even school. I’ve decided to chase my passions with words and contribute my words to a couple of sites I believe in. Don’t mistake me for an idealist, I don’t write about making the world better, ending pollution or my opinions on the state of the world. I simply write about my passions, and hope that my words are read.

Take from this post what you will, but leave knowing this. Follow your passions. Even if you get lost along the way, find your way back. I know it can be hard, for many years I felt like I didn’t have anything to say but that wasn’t true, I just couldn’t find a get them out. That’s not a problem anymore. I’ve found my way back.

link out to @briantudor on Twitter