Google Will Become Self Aware

Google… Skynet… Google… Skynet…. Which is which? For the uninitiated Skynet is the computer system that took over the world and unleashed a robot army against us humans. It seems like every day Google is adding some great new and helpful feature to the web and the way we search, work and communicate. Personally Google has infiltrated may aspects of my life, GoogleDocs keeps my documents at my fingertips to be accessed from anywhere I am (thanks iPhone). Tools like Google Analytics help me keep track on how many peeps check out this blog. Gmail is my email tool of choice. What am i getting at? Google helps, do they dominate search? Yes, but the more services they offer the the more synchronized the e-aspects (electronic aspects) of your life will become.

I think Google has only the best intentions, and they seem to truly want to protect user data, but you get to a point where it is just too much. Of all the different Google tools I use personally, there are some that just don’t fit into my own goal of electronic convergence to have all of my personal devices synced. I’m not saying the Google calendar is a bad tool, I prefer iCal. I’m not crazy about Google Buzz, but I’m not 100% knowledge about the tool. Google Wave has been an EPIC FAIL… it was a less connect version of Twitter, it would have been great it I could import my followers/followees from Twitter, but it did not, and I have not logged in since about 3 days after getting my invite.

As Google intertwines itself into our lives and now they are introducing Google TV. Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet. Watch an overview video below, sign up for updates, and learn more about how to develop for Google TV. This is like the old Web TV service on steroids. How can Google TV not be a hit, I would love to get rid of my satellite and just stream TV over the net on services like Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and iTunes.

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Krista Neher
Krista Neher

Brian Great post! I use lots of google services myself and there are definitely risks in sharing so much data with them. It is also highly unregulated, which makes it even scarier. Looking forward to reading more! - Krista