NBC vs. The Winter Olympics

Has four years passed since the last Winter Olympics on NBC? So on the cusp of the opening ceremonies, NBC carves up their prime-time schedule and show hour after hour of Bob Costas doing what he does best… shoehorning “moments”.

NBC is now a fourth place network, so rather than build on the momentum of a solid new season of CHUCK and the hilarious Community and Parks & Recreation, they carve the heart out of their line up to give us 3 weeks of: Speed Skating, Curling and Ice Dancing… really? At least Curling seems to live on the USA network, but showing a “sport” as lame as Ice Dancing on NBC is just silly (to clarify… Ice Skating = Sport, Ice Dancing = Free Skate at your local ice rink).

Now I love to watch the skiing and snowboard… and even some of the ice skating, but there are so many of the winter sports that are just so hard to care about. Biathlon? Really? I like shooting guns and skiing, but let’s ramp this up…. cross country skiing – out… super g – in. Imagine how great it would be to watch some crazy bastard going downhill like a bat out of hell having to sharpshoot some targets, who wouldn’t love that?

So after the Late Night debacle wouldn’t NBC/Universal be better served to put all of the live events on their various HD cable channels, and keep their Prime-time lineup in tact, while showing Olympic high and low-lights during the 9:00 – 10:00 hour? This would be a great way to get viewers back, if they haven’t checked out some NBC shows for a while or want to see some of the new shows this will help them tune in. Run preview events, maybe show the 15 minutes of Parenthood?

It seems like NBC (and Jeff Zucker) don’t understand what viewers want or how to get it to them, so NBC will continue to make silly programing decisions and not support the actual good shows on the network. Leaving NBC to wonder where all their viewers have gone… hint, hint…. it rhymes with “irate pay”. Dummies.

link out to @briantudor on Twitter