Top TV Shows of 2009

The Top TV Shows of  2009:

2009 has been a great year in the land of television. While this is my list and I know there are several popular shows that are not included, this is a list of the top TV shows that I watch. I will be making updates to each show listed with the reasons they have been included on my list between now and the end of 2009, before the end of January 2010.

Torchwood: Children of Earth (BBCA)

After Torchwood: Children of Earth (T:CoE) aired earlier this year I proclaimed it to be the best entertainment that I would see on any screen this year large or small.
This arc was heartbreaking, Capitan Jack made sacrifices and did what needed to be done in order to save the Earth and her children. Viewers also got a wonderful insight into Jack’s rich history, from the reveal of his daughter and grandson to his battle for atonement for giving the aliens 12 children on their first visit to Earth.
Davies and company established Ianto Jones as a hero, through his actions and sacrifice. We also got a closer look at Ianto’s family, his crazy inappropriately wonderful family. Ianto is the soul of Torchwood and he got a proper send off and will be missed. His loss will be felt for the remainder of the series.
Finally there is Gwen Cooper. If Ianto is the soul of Torchwood, Gwen is the heart. Gwen is strong and passionate and will stop at nothing to protect her team and the planet from harm. Finding out she is with child was one of the greatest “she’s having a baby moment” every recorded. Not only was the scene beautifully acted, but the added drama of Jack having a belly full of bomb was drama and tension filled.
Jack’s sacrifice of his grandson to send the signal to destroy the 456 and his reaction was one of the most truly heartbreaking scenes in the history of television, film or the internet. Gwen and Rhys saving Ianto’s family and their neighbors was amazing, Gwen’s monologue about the Doctor and why he sometimes choses to abandon Earth at her time of need was a keen insight into what makes us humans human.
I truly hope this is not the end of Torchwood, hopefully Jack will come back from this fantastic voyage and find Gwen running Torchwood in his absence, and they can get back to kicking some alien baddy booty. If this is the end  though, what a way to go out.
Chuck (NBC)

Chuck received it’s much deserved third season after show fans (myself included) took it to the mattresses going out and loading up on Subway 5-Dollar Footlong Subs. Season 2 of Chuck took everything that worked in the first season and expanded upon it, from Zach Levi’s portrayal of the neurotic Chuck Bartowski to Adam Baldwins always steady performance as Chuck’s NSA protector John Casey. Chuck is the rare combination of comedy, drama and action that works on every level.

The ensemble cast of Chuck is everything right that the ensemble case of Heroes is wrong. NBC backed the wrong show in Heroes, when it should be dumping advertising and budget into Chuck. I think in 2010 Chuck will benefit greatly in the ratings with the Big Bang Theory moving from 8:30 to 9:30 pm EST.

Community (NBC)

Community is a news series on NBC that I didn’t want to like, but I have to admit I really do enjoy the show. Joel Mchale is wonderful as Jeff, but Troy (the hilarious Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) really steal the show. I’m looking forward to the second semester as the first season kicks back into high gear.

Ken Jeong is a greeeeeaaaaaat Spanish teacher, I wouldn’t want to end up his class. They way he singles in on each student’s weakness and exploits it as he tries to destroy each of them.

Chevy Chase is back to his pre sucking days and is as funny as he has been in at least 10 years (minus his run on Chuck last year). The rest of the cast fills out the ensemble well, and while I’m not mentioning them more than this the should would not work without them.

Friday Night Lights (DirecTV 101/NBC)

Best Drama on TV. ‘Nuff Said.

Coach Taylor = East Dillion Head Coach = Heart Breaking
Principal Taylor = She just plain rocks like no buddy’s business
The East Dillion Lions = The Little Team that Will

Zach Gifford deserves some sort of an award for his work this season, I hope his next project allows him to show off his action chops as much as Friday Night Lights has.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

It’s Always sunny is everything that is great about comedy. It is wrong. It is irreverent. It is dark. Most of all it is just funny. You have five main characters that are devoid of feeling, compassion or basic human decency.  Yet with all of the horrible traits, you can’t help but laugh at and love the characters (especially Charlie played by the very underrated Charlie Day).

In the fifth season of It’s Always Sunny they start by exploiting the mortgage crisis and trying to flip a foreclosed house, they ended up having to give it back to the family to avoid a lawsuit. They end the season with the gang making their triumphant return to the cut throat of Philadelphia flip cup world when their 10 year ban on Flip-a-delphia ends, and of course they go completely overboard.

You can’t forget about Danny Devito in his best role since Taxi… ’nuff said.