Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Review

Superman-Batman-Public-EnemiesSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies is is the first time we have seen Ed McGuinness’ art animated, and while there are some drawbacks to his steroid enhanced heroes and villains this direct to DVD movie looks great.

The story borrows heavily from the comic book source material and does it much justice. Lex Luthor as President of the United States is not new, but Lex having a warrant with Superman and Batman wanted for murder, well that is. The stories main focus is really boil down to ego, Luthor’s ego in wanting to be the top dog on the planet and having Superman dead. Superman’s ego in wanting to be the sole protector of his adopted home. Now with a Kryptonite comet (what are the chances?) headed for Earth there is a battle of who will get to save (or not save as the case were) Earth from certain doom.

Now this is a Superman/Luthor story with Batman as a supporting player, but he is not an afterthought either. Batman helps keep the story moving by coming to Superman’s rescue when he has to (i.e., digging out a kryptonite bullet, hopping into the composite Superman/Batman robot to fly off to destroy the K comet). The pacing was excellent, the action was good, the inbetweens helped build to the next action sequence, with a satisfying ending that tied everything up nicely.

Now, you can’t review this without talking about the amazing voice cast! Clancey Brown back as Lex Luthor (the definitive Luthor in my opinion) and really shows how off the wall Luthor has become, and also lets you understand exactly how and why he wants to see the world end as we know it. Next, Kevin Conroy reprises Batman, there is no way there should ever be an animated Batman not voiced by Conroy (sorry Rino and Dedrich). Finally, Tim Daily makes his triumphant return as the Man of Steel (Superman if your nasty!), and it is as if you are finding an old friend again that you didn’t realize that you missed. Now George Newberry did an awesome job as Superman on the Justice League animated series, but come one Daily has been an always will be the voice you expect to hear from a cartoon Superman. How about a nice little shout out to Smallville’s Chloe, Allison Mack as Power Girl, she was great too.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed this outing from DC Entertainment, and I would love to see this universe revisited (hint, hint… add Nightwing and some of the other Bat-characters). So nice job DC keep them coming, I’m looking forward to finally seeing a Crisis story: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Until next time True Believers… Oh wait wrong company!