Madden 10 iPhone Edition


Madden 10 for the iPhone is here (for the last week or so), and It is a blast to play!

The controls take a little getting used to but once you have it down running and passing the ball can be done with ease (depending on who you are playing with/against). My team is the NY Giants, so I’ve been burning my way thru the NFL with Big Blue.

Madden 10 iPhone is all about offense, while I have had a few defensive stands and stops they are usually due to picking the proper defensive formation and letting the AI take over. The AI in the game isn’t great, you can pretty much just march down the field running the same play over and over. Much like the console Madden 4th down and long is rarely a problem (so much for realism).

The hardest part of the part of the game is kicking. While it’s a simple finger flick motion to kick, lining up the proper angle for field goals and kick offs is problematic. Once you figure out dragging the arrow around the screen things get a little easier, but be careful with the heave finger when pulling the arrow from one side to the other.

Overall, I have a great time playing this game and have wasted the last couple of nights playing against the Eagles, Redskins, 49rs and the Jets. I look forward to starting a season campaign and marching all the way to the Superbowl.

In game screenshots:

madden 10 giants1

madden 10 giants3
madden 10 giants4madden 10 giants5madden 10 giants6