Rescue Me… bleeding out

We are down to the final 19 episodes of Rescue Me, this is a bad thing. If the season finale shows us anything, it is that this is one of the most heartbreaking shows in the history of television. Now these characters make just horrible decisions, horrible. They are for the most part narcissistic and damaged beyond repair (you have to be a little damaged to run into a fire while everyone else is on the way out). Yet, we still feel for these men, through all of their faults we can identify with some of their problems (loneliness, fear, death, what the future holds, loss, the list is endless).

I will really miss my Tuesday night appointment viewing with 62 Truck and the fellas, but I can’t wait to see that final ride out. Part of me really wants to see Tommy Gavin lay there and die, I think the fall out will be some amazing drama as the rest of the cast deals with the loss of their leader, friend, mentor, father, enemy, lover and firefighter. If Tommy dies it will be interesting to see how Janet and Sheila deal with the loss and if they will blame each other or if they will find comfort in each other. I do know that if Tommy dies Janet and Sheila will both feel horrible about sabotaging Tommy’s burgeoning relationship will Kelly. While I was interested to see Tommy finally deal with his grief over the lost of Connor and how he would interact with Kelly and her loss.

Rescue Me is bleeding out… and it will be missed.