Marvel vs. DC… or Disney vs. Warner Bros. to be more exact

For years Warner Bros. has been watering down the DC Universe with every new live action film into safe generic caricatures of the source material (Superman Returns, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Steel). Marvel on the other hand went out and created their own film studio and released Iron Man among others. Getting to the point, Marvel is building a movie universe to go along with the comics, while DC refuses to cross pollinate their franchises (Smallville’s distinct lack of Batman/Bruce Wayne). How will Disney’s acquisition of Marvel affect their long term plans to create a  viable movie universe?

I think this acquisition is a great move for Marvel, if anyone gets creating a larger universe and using iconic characters for the use in other proprieties it is Disney. Not to say everything Disney does is golden, but they have a great track record of success, maybe we can see some PIXAR Marvel films, I would love to see a Fantastic Four PIXAR film, or an epic X-Men 2D drawn series. I also hope we will start to see some more Marvel characters showing up on ABC in their own TV series or mini-series.

I am very interested to see how this will work out for Marvel, but the influx of cash into the Comic Book company will allow them to continue to compete with DC (backed by Warner Bros.) and hopefully take some chances on new content and characters.