Green Lantern: First Flight

Green Lantern: First Flight DVD review

Green Lantern by sandooches

Disclosure time…. Green Lantern is my 1a favorite superhero.

Green Lantern: First Flight (GL:FF), it’s a real nice start to what will hopefully be a series of Green Lantern DVD’s. Green Lantern is a hot property right now, with a live action movie in the works (slated for a 2011 release) and Blackest Night popping up everywhere (even in mainstream media).

GL:FF is basically a cop story, it is about a police force that patrols the known universe, the Green Lantern Corps (the Corps). The Corps is a group of 3600 beings from all over the universe each charged with protecting one of 3600 sectors of the universe.  The hero of this story is Hal Jordan, a test pilot from Coast City. Jordan is a ‘by the seat of his flight suit’ kind of a pilot, and quite the ladies man to boot. Hal Jordan was wonderfully voice casted by Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU). Meloni really captured the essence of the character, he’s sheer confidence, force of will and desire to do what is right. Jordan first encounters four members of the Corps (Tomar Re, Kilowog, Boodikka, Sinestro) about a week after receiving the ring of power from Abin Sur. Jordan immediately gets into a confrontation with three of the aliens (Tomar Re, Kilowog and Boodikka), only to have the cooler head of Sinestro to step in and diffuse the situation. Tomar Re is voiced by John Larroquette (Night Court), and is basically a throw away character in this story. Boodikka is voiced by Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactic a), and in my opinion is played with too much restraint, as she is a warrior and always in the comics is always quick to throwdown. Kilowog is voiced by Michael Madsen (Blood Rayne), who did a serviceable job, but leaves you underwhelmed by what is supposed to be THE larger than life Green Lantern (he also comes across as just a little bit of a complainer). Sinestro, which may be the greatest voice casting in the DCU since Kevin Conroy first voiced the cape and cowl, is voiced by Victor Garber (Alias). Garber is so eloquent and villainess with his portrayal of the first rogue Green Lantern.

The animation is flat out amazing. The aliens look alien, even the humanoid aliens, Sinestro has an elongated torso and neck that is just out of proportion gives a great alien feel to him (beyond the red skin). The background cast (other Corps members, aliens on the other planets) are crazy alien looking and really hits home that we are not on Earth. I really want to applaud the creators of this DVD for having 95 per cent take place exclusively in space and on other planets.

OA, home of the Guardians of the Universes, the center of the universe, was a total let down. It was much to “organic”, I don’t my OA to have an ocean, I want my OA to be more like Coruscant; completely industrialized an obvious hub of interstellar gathering. I did like the “bobble-headed” Guardians, they just worked (other than that they all had names).

Overall, I’ll give what I hope is a first chapter of the Green Lantern saga a positive review. I hope there is more to come, I want to see a Sinestro Corps War within this mythology of the character which will hopefully include Parallax and Kyle Rayner.

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