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Going Geek News Podcast Pilot Episode

The Going Geek News Podcast – Pilot Episode Welcome to the Pilot episode of the Going Geek News Podcast from The Going Geek Podcast is Brian Williams and Brian Tudor, this is a show about pop culture and all things geeky and how the world of comic books relate to the overall footprint of […]

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Electric Bikes Are the New Black

The United States is Ready for an Electric Bike Explosion? Ever since the Storm eBike hit Indiegogo on February 1st there has been a ton of news around the Storm and the electronic bikes in the United States. There have been several “news” stories written on the topic of the Storm eBike, just a day after […]

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How I Fell Back in Love with Podcasts

Who Knew One Device Could Do So Much? For the majority of my life I’ve been a gadget guy, meaning I really enjoy trying out new devices to see how they impact and/or better my life. I bought my first MP3 player in 2000 at a Sam Goody (yes, I’m old) in Hoboken, NJ. only […]

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